How To Profit From Niche Affiliate Marketing?

How to profit from niche affiliate marketing? Often I heard a lot of this type of questions & yet little answers to it. So I am going to answer that question by going through the step by step way of finding a profitable niche market.

So here it goes…

Step 1
Make a list of niche that you are interested in. You can seek help from friends & family for some interesting ideas. At least 30 niches.

Step 2
Search the internet if any of the 30 niches has active discussion forums. Highlight them & those niches with no active forums put one side.

Step 3
Read the discussion forums & participate. Try to answer a few questions if can. Contribute what you know. The objective here is to find people’s problem on the particular niche.

Step 4
Write down the problems encountered by members from the forums.

Step 5
Go to Google Keyword Tool External & search how many people are searching for that related keyword surrounding the niche. Find the other related niche keywords that you can use later.

Step 6
Circle top 3 niches that have a lot of searches.

Step 7
Take the 3 top niches & search for solutions to their problems. How do you do that? Google it & you be surprise that you can find the answers there. Another way to find answers from the experts. The objective here is to find the solutions to their problems.

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