Finally I Signed Up For PayPerPost

Greetings All,

(Offer Expired.. Link No Longer Active)

Yes! I finally signed up for PayPerPost & this is my first sponsored post for them. I am so excited about it that it stop my heartbeat for a moment. I am just kidding you.To be honest, I like the way PayPerPost handled it’s business. They have so many tools for bloggers to use like refferal program, review my post, FireFox plugin, sign up forms & PPP Direct.

The reason I signed up is because it give me the opportunity to earn some money & the site is very user friendly. I am a proud member of PayPerPost & proudly put up this image here.

Initially I do not know PayPerPost existed until I saw one at someone’s blog. I can’t remember the blog’s name but I am glad to have found PayPerPost. They have this marketplace where advertisers list their offers to bloggers to write a post about their sites or offers.

The procedure to get paid for posting is straight forward. If you qualified for any offer in the marketplace, all you have to do is apply the offer, write a post according to it’s requirement, get the content approved by PayPerPost & get paid. It is very simple.

They have the PPP direct where you can get offers straight from your blog. Just put the code on your blog & if your blog traffic is high, someone interested will see the code & will hire you to do a sponsored post for them. Another simple procedure.

Overall, I have to say this program is good to join. If you are interested in making money online & you are a heavy duty blogger, then this program will help you. This is just another great way to make money online. Great job PayPerPost !

Muhammad Riduan Ramli (Uanz)