Disappointment Feelings as She Grows Up

The feeling of disappointments seems to be frequent nowadays for me. As she grows up, my disappointments gets bigger than the previous ones. What am I talking about? Well, don’t get me wrong here. I love my only daughter very much. I’m not disappointed at my cutie pie daughter but rather disappointed on the activities we try to do together.

Let me explain further. As you know, being a single weekend dad, many of the activities I want to do with my cutie Sheza are being shared with her mommy & step dad.  Whenever I want to do a particular activity with her, I have to check with her mommy first if she going do the same activity with Sheza. If I don’t check with her, it’s going be a duplicate activity for Sheza.

Let me give an example. Let’s say I want to watch a movie with my kiddo. If I watch the movie, my Sheza can’t watch it with her mommy because she has seen it with me. Or if there is an exhibition that I go to see with her, her mommy can’t go with her. It’s much worst during school holidays with all those limited time shows. Imagined what her mommy & me have to go through just to spend time with our cutie pie daugther.

I’m fair to her mommy by taking turns on doing activities (movies/exhibitions/etcs) with Sheza. It’s a fair arrangement but there’s a problem especially kids movies. They don’t come out very often & having to share the limited kids movies amongst us disappoints us quite often. Why can’t they just produce more kids movies & not disappoint us the daddies & mommy? Hahaha..

Another latest scenerio is the upcoming disney on ice show. I was planning to go with Sheza during the upcoming school holiday. Sheza told me she wants to watch it with me. I said okay & we will go watch the show during the holiday but now I can’t because her mommy wants to surprise & bring Sheza to the show. I have to be fair to her mommy so I give in as I had my turn already on the The Lego Movie.

Fair is fair but I feel disappointed & sad for not able to go to the show with Sheza . I know her mommy will feel the same thing also if she can’t bring sheza to the show. So I can’t blame her mommy. I just hate this kind of situation when it occurs. I can’t think of any solution to lessen the disappointment feelings.

Being a single weekend dad, I know I have take it on my stride. I have no choice but to accept it. This is my life as a single dad. It’s a sucky feelings to have. No matter how much you try to accept all this, there’s still that sucky feelings & new problems will still pop up.It just won’t go away. My dear married friends with kids, please hold on to your marriage no matter what because it’s a very difficult life to go through as a single dad or mom. Emotionally you will be crushed again & again. It has been like that kind of life for me so far..

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