Network Marketing Leaders From Mars?

Greetings All,

How I wish network marketing leaders can be found from planet Mars or even at all shopping malls where you can find easily just like you buy groceries for daily consumption. That’s a joke. Haha.

So really, where do we find leaders in network marketing. I know there is 2 exact ways to find them.

Firstly, you steal leaders from other companies. Yes, I am not kidding. In network marketing, people steal leaders all the time. People will find all sort of ways to lure leaders to your MLM company. The best part of it, these leaders do jump from one company to another just for that extra benefits.

The bad thing about this way is that the leaders that you manage to bring over to your MLM company might leave your company for another. They done it before & they certainly can do it again. Once they leave your company, what happen to you? You have a new full time job replacing temporary leaders. That is just a waste of your time. My advice to you, don’t steal leaders from other companies. They are normally not as loyal as you think they are.

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