Finding Good Prospect – Change What You Said (Part 2)

Greetings All,

This will be the continuation of Find Good Prospect – Change What You Said. In Part 1, I mentioned “Principle of Disagreement” . Basically it means:-

“In order to participate or take control of a conversation, you must disagree with the person talking.”

Here is an example:-

If I were to have coffee with 10 mechanics & say to them, “The engine of this Toyota is the finest engine made in the automotive industries.” Do you think they will agree to my statement? NO! They will disagree. Some might say the engine of the other brand is better or the brand is the finest or quietest. They will have different opinions. In order for them to participate in the conversation, they need to disagree.

Now that we know people disagree to take part in a conversation, let’s now imagine you, Bob, & I, Uanz, were sitting in front of each other drinking coffee. You say to me,”Hey Uanz, you have a boring, stupid job. You need a great opportunity that my business can offer.”

In order for me to participate in the conversation, I have to disagree. I defend myself by saying, “You are wrong Bob. I like my job a lot. It is a great job. I only work 2 days in a week & if I am sick for 2 days, I get 1 week off. I have a lot of time with my family. It is good.”

Does that sound like someone who loves his job? YES!!

Does that sound like a good prospect? NO!!

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